Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in the Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. Our research program aims to improve treatments of anxiety and related problems. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will provide useful information for prospective students.

Q: What active research projects are currently taking place?

Please review the page that describes ongoing research projects.

Q: What kinds of interests should prospective students have?

I am interested in mentoring students who are curious about how treatments work and what that tells us about how we can make them better. Although we invest heavily in clinical training of all our students, we aim to prepare students for a career in research or academic settings.

Q: Are there any particular experiences that I should emphasize in my application this year?

I consider all applications, but feel strongly that research experiences attained post-undergrad are highly valuable and weigh heavily in the decision-making process. Additionally, references from individuals who you have worked closely with are useful. While I don’t believe that GPA and GRE scores are always reflective of potential, UT has certain cut-offs for these factors, which you should be aware of when applying. When reading applications, I look for individuals who express a strong interest in a particular area, and who demonstrate the ability to generate interesting research ideas.

Q; Where can I get more information about the Anxiety & Health Behaviors Laboratory? Our website provides information on our ongoing research, as well as personnel and graduate students. Our graduate students are also happy to respond to email inquiries regarding the lab and program.

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